Soundtrack Review: Student of the Year

Student of the Year has a pretty good soundtrack by Vishal-Shekhar. The songs are fresh,youthful, and very bhangra-eque (which I love!)

My favorites are:

“Ishq wala love” a slow romantic number sung by Shekhar Ravijani, Salim Merchant and Neeti Mohan. The song  is simple with  tabla beats along with the mellow sound of the guitar  which keep the listener hooked to the track.

“Disco deewane”, which was sung by late Pakistani singer Nazia Hassan. It is used in the film in a modern avatar and titled “The disco song”. Portions originally sung by Nazia Hassan have been blended really well with a fresh composition sung by Benny Dayal and Sunidhi Chauhan. It’s a fun song!

“Kukkad”, a funny number that mixes bhangra with electronic beats. The track is edgy and grappling and sets the mood right to shake a leg with Shahid Mallya behind the mike. An awesome and funny bhangra track especially for desi festivities!

“Vele” has Vishal-Shekhar coming together as singers. Musically speaking, the track combines hip-hop, rap, bhangra, and electronic sounds with elements of dubstep creating an addictive mix for music lovers.

Z4B take: Awesome, youthful, shake your leg, get your bhangra on soundtrack! 4 out of 5


4 thoughts on “Soundtrack Review: Student of the Year

  1. i’m listening to the songs now, they sound nice but so far nothing grabbed me like the Cocktail soundtrack..maybe it needs more than one listen…

    also the girl looks badly photoshopped in the first song… like very masculine from the shoulders thoughts?!

    • I liked the four tracks I highlighted here…the rest were okay. Overall, it’s more of a tenny bopper sort of soundtrack but it has its energetic and bhangra-esque qualities that appealed to me as well. Cocktail was very different and had a freaking fantastic soundtrack and it was also more grown up in my opinion.

      • cocktail’s soundtrack was amazing! the songs from student of the year are aight… but i’m loving ‘vele’. so i’m assuming it’s punjabi though and i’m considering working it into a dance for a friend… but i need to know what it means. lol help? i don’t wanna be rocking out to a song in front of aunties that’s um not quite appropriate for the occasion. hahaha

      • The soundtrack I think appeals to the teeny boppers way more than anything but i liked a few of the tracks. I felt like it deserved a 4 out of 5 because there have been so many mediocre soundtracks this year – this I felt was above average with the energetic beats. Vele means free or someone who does nothing lol

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