Review: Heroine

Heroine – A Madhur Bhandakar film. As a fan of Chandni Bar, Page 3, and Fashion – Herione is a major let down in many ways. It’s true that Madhur Bhandakar films are a form of tabloid journalism injected with steroids but the effect in his earlier movies was far greater because some where it was laced with some sense of realism. Bhandakar’s films are known to be sensational, sleazy, and scandolous however Bhandakar gets too caught up in all of the 3 S’s and loses the film and fails to project the under belly of Bollywood in a realistic fashion. Bhandakar promised in many of his interviews that this particular film would be nothing like his earlier films, particularly Fashion – sadly it is Fashion in reverse but a very disappointing “Bollywood expose” sort of rendition.

Heroine was  supposed to be the audience’s chance to see  the dirt, manipulation, and politics that come with  being a part of the Indian Film Industry. Initially, the thought of getting a peek into the life of an actress in Bollywood was so exciting but ten minutes into the movie I was already disappointed. Heroine misses the mark right from the start even though Bhandarkar tries his best to grab the attention of the viewer with the first scene…but I already could see that this was a mish mash of Fashion but done much much more poorly. Sure Bhandarka tries to make it interesting (but fails because this is so expected from him..)by adding in excessive  alcoholism, pill popping, a sex tape (did Kim Kardashian inspire him lol IDIOT), lesbianism, and revolving affairs…the list is that long and still it didn’t entertain me one bit. Each frame, each character was so expected. By the way , the supporting cast needs to go and learn how to act…not one person in the supporting cast provided a convincing performance. The gay designers or the ‘superstars’ all sucked in this movie. Arjun Ramphal was wasted in this movie and he should have passed on this one…I’m not quite sure what he got out of this one…the same goes for Randeep Hooda. They were good but wasted because this was a one woman show – HEROINE – Kareena Kapoor’s chance to prove that she can act and that she isn’t just a piece of decoration in Bodyguards and Ra. Ones.  Quite honestly, I find my filmy magazines more entertaining than this movie. Heroine is predictable right from the start…performances, story, and even the music (the music is a rip off of Fashion in so many ways…Fashion had good music…Heroine’s music is trashy and boring as well).

There was so much hype about how Kareena Kapoor was born to play this role…Heroine. And I want to say “puhhhh-llll-eazzzee”. Kareena Kapoor as Mahi Arora is convincing to a certain degree. It’s evident that she puts her all into playing the bi-polar, pill-popping, alcholic, and declining superstar Mahi but the script and dialogues do not allow Kareena Kapoor to shine in this movie. There was so much talk about how the dialogues and script are so “hatkay” but they were so predictable and such a letdown in many ways.  Adding “babes” and throwing around “f-bombs” don’t make a movie any more realistic, interesting, or relatable -it makes it super annoying and fake Madhur babes! ( I seriously hope you win Zero awards for this movie – there is no originality at all) I’m not a huge Kareena fan but I did love her as Geet in Jab We Met and that was the last time I liked her and this holds true even now. There was so much hype about Kareena’s performance in this movie that I specifically went to go see if it was actually true…sadly I wasn’t wowed at all. Since Heroine is a crappier version of Fashion I can’t help but compare the performances….Priyanka was amazing in every frame and her breakdown was so convincing and so was her rise…as for Kareena – she was good but not great. I wasn’t moved by her performance and I didn’t connect with her character at all. I didn’t feel sad, bad, or happy for Mahi (Kareena) – I was just annoyed throughout the movie. Kareena was good in a few sequences but I just wasn’t convinced…sorry Bebo…ya might want to try again for your National Award (I hope she doesn’t get it because she does NOT deserve it – this performance is not memorable at all – its good but that’s about it).

The rest of the cast isn’t even worth mentioning lol Either they are really good actors like Arjun Ramphal and Randeep Hooda who have been completely wasted or other actors that cannot act for the life of them and should just quit and hide their faces lol

I don’t give out spoilers in my reviews just my analysis but if you watched Fashion…then I guess I spoiled it a bit for you lol But believe me you are NOT missing anything special. Save your 12 bucks there are tons of good movies coming up in October and beyond…better yet go watch Barfi for the 2nd time if you must spend your money. 😉

Z4B Take: 1 out of 5 (1 for Kareena Kapoor – she tries to save the film but only succeeds half way…) Disgustingly, Disappointing 2.5 hours of my life wasted. I want it back. Watch it only if you’re a Kareena Kapoor fan (and well do it at home lol) Hoping Bebo starts choosing better roles because she has the potential of being a great actress but for now she remains “eye candy”.


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