Saif and Kareena’s Wedding Pictures!

Here are some of the wedding pictures from Saif and Kareena’s Wedding Pictures! I wonder why they decided to get married…I mean she said getting married isn’t a big deal for the either of them so why do it?! Anyways, here are some pictures from the hyped “Saifeena” wedding.


It’s so cute to see Ranbir dancing with his cousin Karisma! Karisma, Kareena, and Ranbir = One good looking family!

In another news, Karisma Kapoor’s ex Abhishek Bachchan’s sister Shweta Nanda was present at Saifeena’s wedding as well because Shweta is married to Karisma Kapoor’s cousin….I bet it’s awkward for both of them. I feel sorry for Karisma…she shouldn’t have dumped Abhishek and married Sanjay Kapur…because now she’s divorced just because she wanted to marry a rich industrialist….I hope things turn around and look up for Karisma especially after her dud of a comeback movie…I still think she’s a better dance and actress than Kareena…here’s wishing her success

As for Saifeena….why have a valima when you’re going to be drinking right after it?!?! I mean Saif seriously who are you kidding?!

Well the much hyped Saifeena wedding is over! (I wonder why it mattered so much to begin with…she’s been rocking huge rings for 3 years now, they’ve been living together for 4 years and some change…so what’s the big deal lol)  Here’s hoping this marriage sticks for Saifoo 😛



4 thoughts on “Saif and Kareena’s Wedding Pictures!

  1. I think it’s cute. What do you mean why have a valima? you don’t seen very happy for them. Also, omg, watching Ranbir makes my heart melt

  2. It’s not like I’m sad, mad, or happy for them lol I just think that there was too much hype about them getting married. They were living together for 4.5 years and basically have a relationship that in their eyes was equivalent to “marriage”. I’ve seen a lot of their interviews and they kept on saying marriage or no marriage we’re already “married”. So I’m mystified regarding all the hype regarding “Saifeena”. Plus they aren’t my favorite celeb couple primarily because Kareena cheated on Shahid because of Saif….of course I want to see all the pics and stuff because I’m a bollywood fob and fan but it’s whatever. My most favorite pic is of the 3 cousins…I’m not even interested in Saifeena pics because there are millions of pics of them together…what’s the big deal lol In terms of the valima comment…well Saif isn’t that religious to begin with…I think he did that all of for his mother and late father Pataudi….I just don’t see the rationale in terms of him wanting to do it himself lol

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