The concept for Purple Coconut came about from all the things that I love and are a refuge from every day life for me. I wanted to blog about the fun aspects of life and particularly aspects of life that just let you have a good laugh and share memories with those that you love. The things that let me escape, and have always been an escape from a very young age, have been Bollywood and fashion. When I look back and reflect about every major memory in my life, it’s always been assosciated with a song or a scene from a Bollywood movie.

The first movie I remember ever watching and being obsessed with was Salman Khan’s Maine Pyar Kiya, that came out in 1989. I think I was obsessed with that one particularly because my mom would always sing Kabootar Ja Ja to me in order to put me to sleep. Interestingly enough this obsession and love for Bollywood grew every year even when I was in boarding school and would rarely be able to see any movies but remember talking to my 6 year old friends about Aashiqui with Rahul Roy. Once I came back from boarding school in 1993, I remember the first thing I asked my mom, “Can we watch a movie?” Since it was my first time back from boarding school in India, my parents first stop before our home in Long Island was Apna Bazaar in Flushing, NY. Apna Bazaar was my favorite place because other than the desi food, I would be able to get my hands on ten to fifteen movies on video every three weeks. I was allowed to watch two movies with the family but I just couldn’t live with the fact that there were fifteen that were just waiting there for me… calling my name to dance and sing along with them! I remember I’d sneak out of my bedroom while my parents were asleep or busy with my baby brother and I’d sneak additional movies whenever I could and sometimes I’d convince my parents that we’d have to see Chandni for the umpteenth time.

When I think about all the fun and amazing times I had as a kid they were always assosciated with either getting dressed up to go and see a Bollywood movie, Bollywood Concerts, cultural festivals with a touch of Bollywood, and road trips with Antakshri or good ol’ Bollywood music.

As I grew older my love for everything Bollywood grew especially with Shahrukh Khan’s Dilwale Dulhania Lejayenge. I was officially obsessed at age 11. I remember watching this movie that year more than 100 times (not to mention having watched it at Bombay’s Maratha Mandhir’s Matinee Show – every time I visited India – yup its a tradition lol) and I just knew that when I met that special someone I’d meet him in Europe or by some sort of train and, thus, would begin my own love story. I honestly thought I would meet my Prince Charming on a trip – so any trip at all – I would be so hopeful that any second now there will be a “Raj” waiting for me somewhere on this trip. Of course, it didn’t exactly play out like that but I remember telling my husband, then friend, about how I’d meet my Prince Charming at a train station or on a trip. So my husband decided to feed into this Bollywood obsession of mine and we met for the first time at a train station 🙂 (not in Europe but NYC is way better anyways lol).

Needless to say, the love for Bollywood brought about my love for Bollywood fashion. I’d say I have an equal love for Hollywood and Bollywood fashion but something about growing up with the Bollywood movie stars I love so much – I love following their trends in Bollywood even if some of them have a Western spin to them. I’m a closet Bollywood FOB (“closet” – not so much anymore) but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Bollywood allowed me to stay in touch with my roots and above all it was an escape from the real world and its issues… it was a world of song and dreams… and it has always been that for me.
Watch this space for Bollywood previews, reviews, news, and fashion.

Z4B ❤


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